​​The Third International

Mendel Day will be celebrated 

Thursday, March 8, 2018,

with celebrations in Brno, Vienna, Sydney, and Tucson.  Bookmark this site and check periodically for the latest information!

Mendel 2016

One thing my pea plants taught me:  Always do science with things you can make into a soup.

                                                -- Gregor Mendel

3:30 PM  Mendel's pea-cursors"

                Nathan Ellis

3:45 PM  "Experiments in Plant Hybridization"

                Keith Maggert

​4:00 PM  "Loss and Rediscovery of Mendel's Work"

​                Robert Karn

4:15 PM  Podcast of the Unveiling of the Mendel

                Bust in Brno

4:30 PM  Cake Celebrating J.G. Mendel, the First

                Modern Biologist

2017 Celebrations of Mendel's Discoveries Around the World. . . 

(click on the location below for a look at their web presentation)

That's right! Mendel Day is here.  So join us, March 8, from 3:30 to 5 p.m., for  the third annual celebration, to honor Gregor Mendel's work at at a soon-to-be- disclosed site.  The program will include a podcast of the unveiling at the Brno Mendelianum of the completed brass bust of Mendel which was begun  at  the  2016  Tucson Mendel Day as well as a discussion of Mendel's contri-butions as the first modern biologist.  There will be light refreshments -- a true birthday celebration!

​Eva Matalova and colleagues have announced the organization of the first International Mendel Day.  The eLetter, entitled 150 Years on the International Scientific Scene,  calls attention to the worldwide celebrations for Mendel's genetic discoveries.  Click on the Science magazine icon to read the eLetter in its entirety. 

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 On March 8, 1865, Mendel com-pleted his talk in Brno  presenting his later famous data and radical explanation arising from his experiments on plant hybrids.  The following year his paper was published and Mendel's work ...




Mendel Day

Thursday, March 8, 2017

​​​ Sample of Mendel Day 2017 Presentation

in Tucson -- a view of things to come!