Mendel Day

Friday, March 8, 2019.....



Mendel 2016

​Eva Matalova and colleagues have announced the organization of the first International Mendel Day.  The eLetter, entitled 150 Years on the International Scientific Scene,  calls attention to the worldwide celebrations for Mendel's genetic discoveries.  Click on the Science magazine icon to read the eLetter in its entirety. 

Celebrations of Mendel's Discoveries Around the World. . . 

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Mendel Day 2018 was celebrated on March 8, from 3:30 to 5 p.m., in honor of Gregor Mendel's work. The official activity was held at the University of Arizona's Cancer Center, Room 3978.  The program included a presentation by Dr. Robert Karn and Dr. Christina Laukaitis entitled, "What Makes You a Geneticist? Redefining the Genetics GIDP".  A question-and-answer time was entertained after the presentation.  Plan on next year's celebration with QA's and informative lectures. Mark your calendar for March 8, 2019 and check back at this site as time inches ever closer.

One thing my pea plants taught me:  Always do science with things you can make into a soup.

                                                -- Gregor Mendel

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3:30 PM  refreshments served celebrating Mendel          

​4-5 PM  "What Makes You a Geneticist?      

               Redefining the Genetics GIDP"

​                presentation by

                        Dr. Robert Karn and

​                        Dr. Christina Laukaitis

​International  Mendel Day  Friday, March 8, 2019, 

with meetings in Brno, Vienna, Sydney, and Tucson.

Tucson's celebration will be held at the UA Cancer Center, 4th Floor, Room 4978,   4-5 pm.

All welcome!

​​​Presentation of Tucson's Event on Thursday, March 8, 2018 Included. . .

 On March 8, 1865, Mendel com-pleted his talk in Brno  presenting his later famous data and radical explanation arising from his experiments on plant hybrids.  The following year his paper was published and Mendel's work ...